Super Nintendo Console

This is a quick page I put up to tell you about the Super Nintendo Console, the greatest gaming machine. The super nintendo provides so many classic games that are super addicting and fun to play. I highly recommend that if you do not have a super nintendo console of your own, that you buy one today. You can get a super nintendo for an insane price at
Aug 17

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Super Nintendo Picture

This post is just to show you what a Super Nintendo Console looks like.  Please see the image below.

super nintendo console


Super Nintendo Controller

One of the key things that makes the Super Nintendo Console insanely popular is the super nintendo controller. The reason so many people consider it the greatest gaming controller ever created is because of its simplicity. It does not have two joysticks (or even one), or a plenthora of buttons that are hard to reach. Every single button can be hit or held down with the way your hands normally grip the controller.

Another reason so many people consider the super nintendo controller the best controller out there is because anyone can use it. There is no doubt in my mind that your grandma could start playing super mario world or super mario kart and know exactly how to operate the controller in a 60 second learning curve. That kind of simplicity is what is key to making the super nintendo console the greatest gaming machine ever developed.

I know the majority of people will agree with me, but just for laughs, feel free to leave your opinion of the super nintendo controller below.

Aug 15

Super Nintendo Console

Are you looking to buy a super nintendo but cannot find any local stores that sell them because it is a bit older than the newer consoles?  Fear not, for Super Nintendo Consoles has them in stock 24/7 every day of the year!